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Wine Cooler Shop offers a range of high-quality wine fridges and wine coolers, including wine fridges with dual zones. The capacity of our range of wine fridges ranges from 24 to a wine cooler of 180 wine bottles. The bottles will be stored under good conditions, and it is easy to set the desired temperature using the touchscreen control panel on the front.

Our wine fridges are quiet and have little vibration, which is ideal for storing your wines correctly (39 dB). The silent operation and low vibration technology help maintain the perfect ambient conditions for your wine. Looking for a built-in fridge? You will find it at the Wine Cooler Shop:

  • We offer wine fridges that are suitable for installation beneath a kitchen worktop, as an under-counter wine cooler.
  • We specialize in supplying wine fridges, wine coolers and wine storage cabinets.
  • We offer excellent prices and direct, fast delivery and service. In addition to the consumer market, we also supply wine fridges to restaurants, hotels, cafes, and specialized wine shops.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our wine fridges. You can get in touch via our contact page.

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Small and tall wine fridges

Your wine collection in the spotlight. Get the ultimate presentation for your wines with a BODEGA43 wine fridge. A freestanding wine fridge is the perfect way to serve red and white wine at the right temperature or store it under ideal conditions. Keeping your red wine at room temperature and using a standard fridge to store your white or rosé wine will not be enough because of temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, it is difficult to control the serving temperature.

On the product page, you will find an installation drawing of each type of wine fridge. Small wine coolers from BODEGA43 feature active fans to maintain a constant temperature for each zone, and the insulating glass with UV-filter protects the wine against loss of aroma, preserving the taste. Finally, the tall wine fridges are equipped with a stylish full glass door and brushed stainless steel handle.

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Wine Cooler Shop’s customer service helped us find the right wine fridge. In the end we opted for the BODEGA43-40 variant.The BODEGEA43-40 wine cooler fits perfectly as a built-in model in our kitchen, it’s exactly what we were looking for.

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Buy a wine fridge from the Wine Cooler Shop

We offer a warranty of no less than 36 months on all purchases made through Wine Cooler Shop. In addition, we offer a free 60-day return guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can return it without needing to provide a reason. You will then receive a refund for the full purchase amount. Check our customer service page for more information or returns.

Do you have questions about our wine fridges or services? You can call us on +44 203 9669 192 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Frequently asked questions about wine fridges

What is the primary purpose of a wine fridge?

A wine fridge provides a controlled environment for storing and aging wines, ensuring they remain at the optimal temperature and humidity level, which helps maintain their flavor, aroma, and overall quality.

What’s the difference between a wine fridge and a regular fridge?

A wine fridge is specifically designed to store wines at their ideal temperature and humidity, typically between 55-65°F (13-18°C). Regular refrigerators are colder and can dry out corks, potentially damaging the wine.

How do I choose the right size wine fridge?

Consider the size of your wine collection, your future wine-buying habits, and the space where the fridge will be placed. Ensure it meets your current and anticipated needs.

Why do some wine fridges have dual or multiple zones?

Dual or multiple zone wine fridges allow for storing different types of wines (like reds and whites) at their respective ideal temperatures simultaneously.

How often should I clean my wine fridge?

Regularly check and clean your wine fridge every few months. Ensure vents aren’t blocked and that internal fans function properly. Clean the inside with a soft cloth to avoid mold or unwanted odors.

Is it necessary to have a UV-protected glass door on my wine fridge?

While not mandatory, UV-protected glass helps in preventing harmful UV-rays from affecting the wine, which can deteriorate its quality and taste over time.

Can I install my freestanding wine fridge under a counter?

It’s advisable to only install built-in or under-counter wine fridges in such spaces as they are designed for that purpose. Freestanding units need proper ventilation, which might be restricted if placed under a counter.

How energy efficient are wine fridges?

Most modern wine fridges are designed to be energy efficient. However, the exact efficiency can vary based on the model and brand. Check the energy rating and reviews before purchasing.

Do wine fridges cause vibrations that can harm my wine?
The quality wine fridges from the Wine Cooler Shop are designed to minimize vibrations. Excessive vibrations can disturb wine sediment, which may affect the taste. Ensure your chosen model operates with minimal vibration.

Can I store other beverages in my wine fridge?

While primarily designed for wine, you can store other beverages. However, remember that the temperature and humidity settings might not be optimal for drinks other than wine.

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