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A BODEA43 wine cooler is manually manufactured by specialists, who build each wine cooler according to your specifications with thorough professional knowledge and an eye for detail. After manufacture, each wine fridge is extensively tested on 45 points before it leaves the factory.

The BODEGA43 wine cooler series from BODEGA43 is known worldwide as the benchmark for quality. Superior technology, eye-catching design, unprecedented ease of use and a large number of options to compose your luxury wine fridge according to your own wishes. The BODEGA43 wine fridges are also available with many different temperature zones, for every need.

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Raise your glass to a new wine cooler of BODEGA43.
Our range of freestanding and integrated wine fridges are perfect for your kitchen or living room. Maintaining optimal storage conditions is at your fingertips with a wine cooler of BODEGA43.
A great wine fridge will showcase your wine collection too.

CDA wine fridge

The CDA wine fridges have the same effect as the wine cabinets of the BODEGA43 product line. BODEGA43 has a more contemporary look with a lot of attention to design and longevity, while CDA wine coolers is designed for functionality.

CDA wine cooler compressor

We have the following BODEGA43 wine cabinets with compressor:

  • BODEGA43-24: Compact small wine cooler with a storage space for 24 wine bottles. Full glass design door with stainless steel handle. New compressor technology with fan cooling!
  • BODEGA43-40: The ideal built-in wine cooler for your kitchen with a total capacity of 40 wine bottles. Wine cabinet with two temperature zones, fan cooling with active fan and very quiet. The BODEGA43-40 is also suitable for an under-counter wine cooler in your kitchen.
  • BODEGA43-66: Spacious and luxurious wine climate cabinet with 2 zones and a volume of 195 liters. The BODEGA43-66 variant fits 66 wine bottles and is suitable for use as both a wine storage cabinet and a wine serving cabinet.
  • BODEGA43-180: The BODEGA43-180 freestanding wine fridge have been specially developed to offer optimal ease of use in even the most intensive conditions, for years to come. The full-glass design door and blue LED lighting make the BODEGA43-180 in a restaurant a luxurious presentation for guests, and a showpiece in your house for every wine lover. In addition, this spacious wine cabinet has sliding shelves with adjustable wine racks, so that every bottle fits perfectly. Two separate temperature zones, total volume of 180 wine bottles, active fan, fan cooling, full glass design door and stainless steel handle.
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CDA wine cooler dual zone

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