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Red wine fridge

Although red wine doesn’t need to be chilled before serving, as white wine would usually be, it needs to be stored at the right temperature to keep it in prime condition. Whether you have red wine that you are saving for a special occasion or want a cooler that will allow you to serve it at the perfect temperature, our red wine storage fridge range is perfect. They offer versatility and functionality in equal measure.

  • Optimal temperature control
  • UV protection
  • Seamless integration into any decor

Dual zone wine cooler

Wine cooler 24 bottles BODEGA43-24


Why invest in a red wine fridge?

Red wine is typically stored at cellar temperatures. The even temperature and humidity of old cellars — without much fluctuation in either regard — are ideal for all types of red wine, whether it is corked or in a screw-cap bottle. Any wine fridge for red wine in our collection replicates these conditions perfectly, allowing you to keep your wine in an optimal state for years, ready for serving whenever the time is right.

For taste and quality reasons, opting for a red wine fridge is preferable since standard refrigerators are often too cold or uneven in their temperature. These factors can have a significant impact on the longevity and flavour of the wine being stored.

Features of a red wine storage fridge

Fine temperature controls are a feature of any good red wine storage fridge. Note that several red wine fridges in our range allow you to store whites as well as reds, thanks to independent temperature control zones. You can also expect features like humidity controls and vibration reduction to help store your reds without agitating them.

For kitchens that see lots of sunlight, UV protection helps minimise exposure to too much natural light, which can affect the wine and the quality of the labels. All these features help preserve wine so that it's in great condition and ready for consumption.

Choosing the right red wine fridge for you

Check out the various sizes of red wine fridges we have available. The larger ones have greater storage capacities, whereas the compact models in the collection are often better suited to smaller kitchens or storage areas. All provide superb energy efficiency when running. Every wine fridge for red wine we sell comes with a long warranty, so your complete satisfaction is assured.

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Red wine should be kept at the optimal temperature to keep it in perfect condition, whether you are storing it or planning to serve it. Our dedicated red wine fridges are ideally suited to this purpose. Browse the range to see the features of each model. Alternatively, you can contact us directly if you prefer. We'll offer you our expert advice so that you can select the perfect red wine fridge for your requirements.