Wine cooler 24 bottles BODEGA43-24 HAPPY OFFER


Would you like to buy a wine cooler, but the price is slightly above your budget or you just want a bargain, then this HAPPY OFFER might be something for you! This item was returned because it did not fit in the place the buyer had in mind. It unused, packed in the original box and you will have the full warranty of 3 years!

The BODEGA43-24 wine cooler has a storage capacity for 24 bottles. This compact wine cooler has two temperature zones that are adjustable from 5 to 20 °C. This makes the BODEGA43-24 suitable for serving red wine, white wine and champagne. This compact wine cooler fits in any part of the home, is quiet and has a very little vibration, which is ideal for proper serving and for storing wines for longer periods of time. The maximum bottle diameter in the B4324 is 80mm, which is enough for normal burgundy bottles. If you have a lot of champagne in your collection, take a look at the BODEGA43-40.

This BODEGA43-24 as the hinge on the right hand side and the handle on the left. Look at the product page of the B4324 for the specifications of this model.

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