Small built in wine fridge 18 bottles BODEGA43-18C HAPPY OFFER


A wine fridge created from a passion for wine and interior design: let us introduce the new BODEGA43-18C, specially developed for integration into a designer kitchen. This compact wine fridge with one temperature zone will be an asset to your home and the three beech wood drawers and blue LED lighting add a romantic touch.

This high-quality wine fridge can store up to 18 wine bottles between 5 and 20°C. The full-glass door is equipped with UV-resistant, brown-tinted, triple glazing for extra insulation, lower energy consumption and better protection of your wines. The luxurious design and optimal wine protection make this small wine fridge a Wine Cooler Shop bestseller.

Would you like to buy an exclusive wine fridge, but the price is slightly above your budget or you just want a bargain, then this HAPPY OFFER might be something for you! This item is completely new, but came back because the client preferred to have a bigger BODEGA43. Of course you will have the full warranty of 3 years!

Look at the product page of the B4318C for the specifications of this model.

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