Under-counter wine cooler

Under-counter wine cooler

Are you looking for a wine cooler for your kitchen?

Then the BODEGA43-40 under counter wine cooler is the ideal series for you. Each wine cooler from the BODEGA43 built-in series is of high quality, has a timeless design and offers everything you would expect from a wine cooler, whether it concerns storing or serving the wine.

Under counter wine cooler 600mm

The BODEGA43-40 dimensions are: 595 x 581 x 820 mm and these are the perfect dimensions for a under counter wine cooler of 600mm. The built-in wine fridge BODEGA43-40 is a high-quality wine cooler with a triple-glazed full-glass door and protective UV filter, suitable for 40 bottles with two dual temperature zones.

The wine fridge is very easy to operate, is quiet (39dB), and has a very low vibration, which is ideal for storing your wines properly for a longer period of time. Can be used freestanding and as built-in. You can optionally order the BODEGA43-40 with a right or left hinged door. Or both, where you create an optimal experience when you place them next to each other.

Under counter wine cooler 300mm

The smaller variant is the BODEGA43-24 with a capacity for 24 wine bottles respectively. This compact wine cooler has two temperature zones that are adjustable from 5 to 20 °C. This compact wine cooler fits in any part of the home, is quiet and has a very little vibration, which is ideal for proper serving and for storing wines for longer periods of time. The maximum bottle diameter in the B4340 is 80mm, which is enough for normal burgundy bottles.

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Under counter wine fridge

Under counter wine fridges are intended for long-term storage of larger quantities of wine bottles at the correct temperature. The under-counter wine coolers from “Wine Cooler Shop” are ideal for storing larger quantities of wine at drinking temperature and ensure long-term aging of your wines. A under counter wine cooler with compressor is the best choice for those who want to store wine under their own conditions to achieve optimal maturation. In a under counter wine cooler with dual zones, the selected temperature is kept even and constant throughout the interior so that the wine quality does not deteriorate after a few months.

The largest option at “Wine Cooler Shop” is the BODEGA43-180, which is suitable for 180 wine bottles (480 litres volume). The BODEGA43-180 is a freestanding wine cooler with dual-zones for storing red and white wine separately. This wine fridge has a stylish full-glass door with a stainless-steel handle, and the insulating glass with UV filter protects against the loss of aroma, so that the wine retains optimum quality during storage.

The BODEGA43-66 is a spacious wine storage cabinet with a total capacity of 66 wine bottles. The BODEGA43-66 has temperature zones for both red and white wines, and the stylish full-glass door has three layers of glass for extra insulation and a UV filter, which blocks UV radiation from the outside. The humidity is continuously maintained around 65%. The unique sliding shelves of the BODEGA43-66 are designed to absorb vibrations that could otherwise disturb your wine.

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Wine storage cabinet BODEGA43-180

In order to serve all customers in our restaurant, we purchased a BODEGA43-180 wine storage cabinet. The BODEGA43-180 gives a luxurious look to our interior, and we can keep both red and white wine at the right temperature.

Jacky Robertson