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Dual temperature wine fridge

Wine Cooler Shop offers high-quality dual temperature wine fridges with stylish full-glass doors and a stainless-steel handle. The wine refrigerators are quiet (39dB) and produce little vibrations. The climate cabinets have a compressor with fan cooling, an active fan for a constant temperature per zone and insulating glass with UV filter to prevent the loss of aroma. Wine coolers are equipped with blue LED lighting in every temperature zone, which gives your wines a futuristic appearance. With the touchscreen panel, you can set any desired temperature between 5 and 20 degrees per zone.

Dual zone wine cooler

Wine Cooler Shop offers both built-in wine coolers and free-standing wine coolers. Our smallest free standing model is the BODEGA43-24, a small wine cooler with 2 separate temperature zones, each with a temperature range of 5-20 ºC. Other models include the built-in BODEGA43-40 for up to 40 bottles and the free standing models BODEGA43-64 for up to 64 bottles and the BODEGA43-180 for up to 180 bottles.

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dual temperature wine cooler
dual temperature wine fridge

Wine cooler built in dual zone

With a built in dual zone wine cooler, you can keep both red and white wine at a consistent serving or storage temperature. The BODEGA43-40 is suitable as a under counter wine cooler for your kitchen.

When storing wine, maintaining the ideal climate is essential for preserving the taste and aroma, as well as ensuring a calm and vibration-free environment. In addition, the silent operation and the compression technique with fan cooling are important for maintaining optimal air quality. If your wine cooler is mainly intended for storing wine, consider a wine cooler with 1 zone. This offers the most space with the same volume.

dual zone wine cooler built in

Dual zone wine fridge

Why should you buy a wine cooler or dual zone wine fridge at Wine Cooler Shop?

  • Firstly, because Wine Cooler Shop offers high-quality wine coolers with no less than 3 years’ warranty.
  • Secondly, we love wine ourselves and can advise which model of wine cabinet is the best choice for you based on our own experience.
  • Finally, many wine fridges or wine coolers don’t fit in a kitchen due to their height. The models at “Wine Cooler Shop” are suitable for this. For example, the “BODEGA43-40” is the same size as a standard dishwasher. This wine cooler has an eye-catching design for your guests!

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Why should you buy a Dual zone wine cooler?

The option that “Wine Cooler Shop” believes provides the best experience in storing and maintaining the wine at the best temperature level is a dual-zone wine cooler of BODEGA43. A dual-zone wine cooler is equipped with separate temperature zones. This means that a owner of a dual-zone wine cooler can store red- and white wine in the same wine cooler.

Dual temperature wine cooler

Having two different temperature zones for different kind of wines offers a lot of versatility for a owner as it doesn’t limit one to a specific variety. Sometimes a owner of a single zone wine cooler can feel let down by a single zone cooler, as most of their collection is made up of only red wines, and if someone hands you a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, you may have to put it in the fridge next to the ketchup. This seriously deteriorates the quality of the wine.

The BODEGA43-24 is a solid and small wine cooler with a storage capacity for 24 bottles. This compact wine cooler has two temperature zones that are adjustable from 5 to 20 °C. This makes the BODEGA43-24 suitable for serving red wine, white wine and champagne. This compact wine cooler fits in any part of the home, is quiet and has a very little vibration, which is ideal for proper serving and for storing wines for longer periods of time.

Dual zone wine cellar

Dual zone wine cellars can be compact like one-zone units, but they can also be supplied in larger capacities. The BODEGA43-40 is a large built-in dual zone wine cooler. More temperature zones equals a higher price and also a higher capacity makes the wine cooler more expensive. Once you know where to place your wine cooler, that ultimately determines the size of the appliance you need, which in turn helps you determine how many zones it can have and the amount of bottles.

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