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Dual zone wine cooler

A wine cooler with dual zones is much more than a standard fridge. They’re designed to store white, rosé, and red wines of all types in specific temperature and humidity ranges. Our dual zone wine coolers allow you to serve your wine the best way possible every time. For optimal flavour and texture, our wine coolers offer superb levels of control and versatility in both domestic and commercial settings.

  • Advanced temperature control
  • Suitable for all types of wine
  • Available in different sizes

Dual zone wine cooler

Wine cooler 24 bottles BODEGA43-24


What is a wine cooler with dual zones?

With multiple temperature controls, a wine cooler with dual zones allows you to store wine of differing grapes and varieties in an environment that's ideally suited to them. Whether you want a cellar temperature and humidity level to suit a vintage bottle of red or want a colder setting for preparing sparkling whites, these multi-function coolers will always perform. Available in numerous sizes, they have internal lighting and a glazed front, which allows you to keep track of stock with ease.

The benefits of a dual zone wine cooler

Thanks to their ease of use and simple-to-slide wooden shelves, our range of dual zone wine fridges will function just as well in a kitchen as they would behind a professionally manned bar. The humidity controls help to prevent wine from going bad.

While the multiple temperature settings allow you to store reds and whites in the same unit, helping to minimise running costs. Energy-efficient and nearly noiseless, every dual zone wine cooler in the collection comes with a lengthy warranty for complete assurance.

Dual temperature wine cooler features

These wine coolers not only offer dual zone functionality but also have built-in UV protection. This feature keeps labels and wine out of the sun's rays, helping to provide an excellent long-term storage solution.

With easily controlled temperature settings, you can also benefit from wine that's always ready to serve at just the right temperature. Whether free-standing, integrated, large or small, all our wine coolers with dual zones offer versatility, flexibility, and reliability across the range.

Advice for your wine cooler with dual zones

Choose a model with sufficient capacity for your reds and whites (including rosé and sparkling wines). If you have a large collection of reds and want enough space to store them alongside a few whites or vice-versa, we can help you find the right cooler. With tall, built-in, and smaller models available, you'll find a suitable dual zone wine cooler for any setting.

How can we help you?

If you're unsure about whether a dual zone wine cooler is right for your circumstances, then please contact us or email any enquiry to us. Alternatively, look at the production specifications for each model or speak to us over the phone.