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With BODEGA43 wine furniture, you create something special around your wine cooler

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A quick summary of our impressive range of BODEGA43 furniture

Champagne cork stool (£159.00)

The BODEGA43 champagne cork stool goes beyond being a piece for holding up your champagne or bottle. It is a versatile wine piece of furniture, and that is one of the reasons it stands out. The stool can be used as a decorative piece around the house and not just as wine bars furniture. Also, it has a water-repellent coating which prevents it from absorbing any spilt drink. Thus, even without a cork coaster, your champagne cork stool is safe. You can simply wipe off any traces of liquid when you are done. And that is not all, given that it is water-repellent, you can use the BODEGA43 champagne cork bar stool outdoors without any fear. There are many types of champagne and wine barrel furniture that are great but not all are water-repellent. That is why you need to buy your champagne cork stool from us. This champagne stool is made from natural cork, an eco-friendly material, which is a great addition for you if you want to promote eco-sustainability. The BODEGA43 champagne cork stool is aesthetically-pleasing and can blend into any environment. The height and stability of this champagne stool make it suitable as a table and a surface for holding other items. If you are scared of this item getting stained due to spillage from drinks, you do not have to worry about that because the BODEGA43 champagne cork stool has a protective covering that keeps away any liquid from being absorbed.

Champagne muselet chair 56cm (£169.00)

The champagne muselet chair by BODEGA43 is unique in many aspects. This piece of wine furniture by BODEGA43 is made from natural cork, which means it is durable and eco-friendly. Standing at an impressive 56cm, it is sturdy and can serve as a chair or a table. It is not just a wine bars furniture; it can act as a home for your potted plant or a surface for your steaming coffee mug. Aside from those, the champagne muselet chair by BODEGA43 is visually appealing and will add more attraction to any home setting. Thus, it can be a standout decorative piece. The champagne muselet chair by BODEGA43 is a creative piece that envisions the wire cage that keeps the cork of a bottle of champagne in place. Thus, this makes it befitting to add to your home bar or kitchen.

Ice bucket (£55.00)

The BODEGA43 wine and champagne ice bucket is ideal for you if you wish to add some charm to your wine area or anywhere around the house. Its appealing look can make you the envy of your guests when you serve them chilled drinks from it. This remarkable piece of wine furniture can be the reason many of your guests want to come to visit frequently. The BODEGA43 wine and champagne ice bucket is made from natural cork, which makes it a great insulator. Thus, you don’t need to frequent your icebox hunting for ice cubes in order to preserve the chillness of your drinks and not disappoint your guests, if you have any. Also, the BODEGA43 wine cooler is waterproof, which means it won’t absorb any liquid and you can easily clean and dry it after use. A large ice bucket is great as it can accommodate many and various sizes of bottles. And that is one of the things you get to enjoy when you purchase the BODEGA43 wine and champagne ice bucket. The piece is large enough to hold your large-sized champagne bottles and other varieties of drinks. With this BODEGA43 wine and champagne ice bucket, there will be no hands on your freezer at all times. Your ice bucket should be on an ice bucket table where you and everyone else can easily access it during drinking sprees. Thus, no one will mess up your fridge all in the name of getting ice for their drinks. The BODEGA43 ice bucket is indeed a special item to own.

Wine cork chair 46cm (£109.00)

The BODEGA43 wine cork chair is an amazing piece of wine furniture to own. Standing at an impressive height of 46cm, it gives you enough elevation to hold your wine or champagne bottle and glass. This makes it easy to reach out for your drink. Since it is made from natural cork, it is sturdy enough to bear any weight and can serve the purpose of a seat. The BODEGA43 wine cork chair is made with style and can add beauty to any environment. It can be a decorative piece given its shape as a true wine or champagne cork. And when this piece is paired with other wine bars furniture or wine rack furniture like the BODEGA43 fridge, BODEGA43 wine and champagne ice bucket, and others, your bar or kitchen can look effortlessly unique and sparkling. It is a great addition to your wine experience. Made with love, style and from the best natural cork, the BODEGA43 wine cork chair is a piece you should be proud of owning.