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Original and durable wine accessories from BODEGA43, made from high-quality materials with a luxurious look for all wine lovers in the UK and Ireland.

From modern side tables, champagne muselet chairs or champagne cork stools to luxury wine coolers and coasters for real BODEGA43 enthusiasts – you’re in the right place for the most beautiful wine accessories at Wine Cooler Shop! Don’t have a BODEGA43 wine fridge yet? We offer wine fridges and wine coolers that can be set to various temperatures.

Wine accessory gifts

Designer wine accessories from BODEGA43 are perfect as an original business gift idea or a great purchase for professional use in a bar or restaurant. Wine accessories from BODEGA43 also make a special gift for a wine lover or sommelier. The unique champagne muselet chair or cork side table are gifts for a true wine enthusiast. You can order your gift easily via and benefit from super-fast delivery.

Wine accessories from BODEGA43

As well as the luxury wine fridges and wine coolers from BODEGA43, Wine Cooler Shop also offers the latest wine accessories from the BODEGA43 brand. BODEGA43 has quickly grown into an international brand that is known to wine lovers for its exclusivity and reliability, and the new wine accessories from BODEGA43 are completely in line with this standard. Their unique design and shape make them a special gift. For champagne lovers, the champagne muselet chair is a striking piece of furniture for the home, with an elegant yet durable design, making it suitable as a side table or stool in your living room.

Wijnaccessoires set
Wine accessoires BODEGA43

Wine accessories set

A unique set of wine accessories from BODEGA43 is a dream for all wine lovers and sommeliers. The combination of a luxurious built-in wine cooler with a modern champagne cork stool from the BODEGA43 brand is the perfect look for any kitchen or living room. The 49 cm tall modern champagne cork stool made of full cork is also an ideal gift for any wine lover. Combine all BODEGA43 products to turn your living room into a true wine paradise!

Luxury cork wine cooler

A luxury cork wine cooler made entirely of natural material from the BODEGA43 brand. The luxury wine cooler is 21 cm tall, completely made of cork and has undergone a special treatment to make the wine cooler completely waterproof. So, you can fill the BODEGA43 cork wine cooler with ice to keep your champagne at the right temperature.

Champagne kurken
Champagne muselet stoel van BODEGA43

Wine gifts

A wine-themed gift for a wine lover, customer, colleague or family member. A wine gift is always appreciated, and the unique wine accessories from BODEGA43 are a feast for the eyes for true wine connoisseurs.

A stylish coaster to complete your wine experience or a champagne cork stool as a stool or side table in your wine cellar or living room. The champagne wine cooler from BODEGA43 is ideal for keeping an open champagne bottle at the right temperature until you reach the bottom. Just add ice, and it’s waterproof too!


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