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Caple is a well-known player in the land of household appliances in the UK. It is therefore not for nothing that Capple wine coolers in the UK consistently come out as the best in the test. The beautiful Caple wine fridges and small wine coolers are of high quality and are suitable for placing in the kitchen or living room. It is also a suitable brand for restaurants and other catering establishments to store the wine bottles under optimal conditions.

Caple wine cooler not cooling

BODEGA43 uses the best refrigeration technology for all models in the form of a compressor with fan cooling, while Capple also uses the cheaper peltier technology that is less powerful and has a shorter life. Caple wine coolers are not cooling 24 hours a day and the type of compressor is less powerfull. A reason could be that the condenser fan is not running, a broken evaporator or an defective thermostat. In addition, all models of BODEGA43 have insulating double glass with UV filter protecting against aroma loss and blue on-demand LED lighting in each zone.

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Caple integrated wine cooler

Most Caple wine coolers and wine fridges are not suitable for building in under the kitchen worktop. On the other hand, the BODEGA43-40 is the ideal solution for an integrated wine cooler in your kitchen. The dimensions of the BODEGA43-40 is identical to a dishwasher and therefore very easy to install. Of course, the BODEGA43-40 can also be placed as a freestanding wine fridge in another place, for example in the living room.

The BODEGA43-40 is a built-in wine fridge with dual-zones, useful if you use it to serve both red and white wines directly at the right temperature. The BODEGA43-40 is a high quality wine cooler with a full glass design door. The wine cabinet is quiet and very low vibration, which is ideal for storing wines properly for a longer period of time.

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Wine fridge Caple integrated

Caple wine cooler wi3121

The Caple wine cooler wi3121 is cooled with a thermoelectric cooling technique. The BODEGA43-24 wine bottles variant has a compressor cooling which guarantees a (much) longer life and a more constant temperature. The full glass design door gives the BODEGA-43-24 a modern look, while the CDA wine coolers or Capple wine cabinets have a stainless steel door frame. Both wine wine fridges are equipped with a UV-resistant and insulating glass.

Caple wine cooler wi3121

  • Wine fridge with individually adjustable dual-zones, such as the BODEGA43-24 wine bottle variant.
  • The compact wine cabinet has two temperature zones that are adjustable from 5 ° to 20 ° and is therefore suitable for serving red wine, champagne and white wines.

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