How long does wine last? How do you store red wine?

how long does wine last

How long does wine last?

In general, you can keep more expensive wines longer, but each wine is of course different: An opened wine bottle: 1-3 days. Unopened bottled wine: 0-100 years (we explain more below!)

How long does wine last opened

Wine naturally contains preservatives such as alcohol, acid and tannin. To ensure that the wine has a longer shelf life, the wine maker can add sulphite. This provides extra protection against spoilage and is stated on the label of the wine bottle. In general, you can keep more expensive wines longer, but of course every wine differs:

  • Opened bottle of wine: 1-3 days
  • Unopened bottle of wine: 0-100 years (don’t worry, we’ll explain it to you!)
  • Fresh, fruity white wine: 1 year, until the new harvest
  • Light red wine: 1 year
  • Full-bodied, wood-aged white wine: 2-4 years
  • Powerful red wine: 3-6 years
  • Sweet white wine: 2-10 years.
how long does red wine last

How long does white wine last?

Fresh white wines are often really best when you open them on the first day. You often notice on day two that the fresh fruity flavors have been contained, the liveliness is gone.

But beware: if it is a wine with high acidity (eg Riesling), the shelf life will be longer and you can safely drink it on day two or three. You can also generally say that wines from cooler climates are on average easier to store after opening than wines from warm regions.

  • White wine: 1 day
  • White wine with high acidity: 2 to 3 days.
  • Crucially: keep the bottle, with the cork on it, in the BODEGA43 wine climate cabinet!
How long does white wine last

How long does red wine last?

The more tannins and acids a red wine has, the longer it will keep after opening. It is best to drink light red wines within a day or two. Solid red wines last a little longer (3-4 days after opening) and in some cases even taste better if you drink them after one or more days.

  • Light red wine: 2 days
  • Solid red wine: 3 to 4 days
  • Tip: also keep your opened red wines in the wine cabinet, so they will last longer.
how long does wine last

Store your wine in ideal conditions

To get the most out of your storage wine and to keep it from spoiling prematurely, you need to make sure your wine is properly stored. A wine cooler from BODEGA43 with dual temperature zones provides the perfect climate for your wine bottles.

Does Wine Expire?

Yes, wine can expire. This often occurs with very young wines that contain little alcohol, and certainly where sugar has been added. If sugar has been added, the wine can ferment, causing the wine to spoil more quickly. Sometimes the wine can also turn into vinegar if it goes bad. This situation is caused by the bacterium Mycoderma aceti, which is often present in the wine, which converts the alcohol into acetic acid.

Store your wines in a BODEGA43 wine cooler

The wine coolers have a low vibration (low-noise (39dB). The wine coolers have a compressor with fan cooling, active fan for a constant temperature per zone and insulating glass with UV filter against the loss of aroma. The wine cabinets are equipped with blue LED lighting in every temperature zone, which gives your wines a futuristic appeal. With the touch panel you can set any desired temperature between 5 and 20 degrees per zone.

Wine Cooler Shop” offers built-in wine climate cabinets and freestanding wine climate cabinets. Our smallest model is the BODEGA43-24, a small wine cooler with 2 separate temperature zones, each for 5-20 ºC. In addition, the BODEGA43-40 is suitable for up to 40 bottles, the BODEGA43-66 up to 66 bottles and the BODEGA43-180 which can store 180 bottles.

CDA wine cooler dual zone
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Dual zone wine cooler

Wine cooler 24 bottles BODEGA43-24