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Tall wine fridge

With a cellar-like storage facility to keep wines of all styles and grapes in optimal condition, our tall wine fridge collection is stylish and extremely practical. The tall wine cooler models in the range all offer a versatile storage option, whether you want to keep sparkling whites or deep reds at the right temperature for short or long-term storage. Their stylish design makes them ideal for both domestic and commercial installations, regardless of space.

  • Large capacity storage
  • UV protected glass doors
  • Elegant display feature

Dual zone wine cooler

Wine cooler 24 bottles BODEGA43-24


Why purchase a tall wine cooler?

With a temperature-controlled tall wine fridge, you can keep your bottles in perfect condition so that they are held at just the right humidity and temperature for serving whenever you want to open one. They are also designed with internal lighting and handy pull-out wooden drawers to look elegant.

These tall wine coolers take up as little floor space as possible, making them ideal for busy kitchens or tight areas where you might not have a lot of room. Whether you are a wine enthusiast or run a professional bar or restaurant, these tall wine cooler models are ideally suited to any environment.

What tall wine fridge features are there?

Besides allowing you to control the humidity levels inside the tall wine fridge, our collection also offers models that have different zones within the cooler, which allows you to store reds at different temperatures. This way, you can experience optimal flavour from your wine, regardless of your preferred grape.

Other features include a clear door so that you can keep an eye on stock, as well as integrated lighting and low-noise functionality. Our tall wine cooler collection also includes models that vibrate very little, thereby ensuring virtually zero agitation when placing your wine in storage, which is ideal for storing it for longer periods.

Where can a tall wine cooler be fitted?

Whether you want a standalone unit or an integrated tall wine fridge for your kitchen, there will be a model for you. Some provide a storage capacity of up to 180 bottles, making maximum use of the vertical space available in your kitchen, dining room or storage area.

Note that these tall wine cooler models are just as suited to professional bars and kitchens as they are to domestic settings. Even better, they are energy efficient, making them ideal if you want to keep your running costs down, no matter which installation method you choose.

Tall wine fridges in summary

Offering a great deal of installation versatility and numerous different models to choose from, check out the product information for each of our tall wine fridge models to get a better idea about the choices available. Feel free to reach out to us with any product questions you'd like us to answer or speak to one of our experts.