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Small wine cooler

When space is at a premium, or you only have a limited number of bottles you wish to keep at the right temperature, a small wine cooler is the ideal thing. If you are looking to create the perfect storage conditions for your wine collection, these small wine fridges function optimally, meaning your wine is kept under the best conditions. That way, it is ready to be consumed at any time, whether a friend drops by unexpectedly or you are planning a social event.

  • Space-efficient designs
  • Energy efficiency
  • Unique UV protection

Why choose a small wine fridge?

Our small wine fridge range allows owners to store their wine in a cooler dedicated to that particular purpose. Unlike conventional fridge storage, you will only see limited temperature fluctuations when opening the small wine cooler to retrieve a bottle. Smaller than most wine coolers, these units are diminutive in size, so they will not take up excessive space in your kitchen or cellar.

Equally, their smaller size means that they consume less energy than larger models, making them ideal for storing up to 24 x 75cl bottles. They also look good and, with internal lighting, are an eye-catching feature to add to your indoor or outdoor kitchen design.

Features of our mini wine coolers

With a storage capacity of between 12 and 24 bottles — depending on the model — our mini wine fridge collection is suited to most households. You can set the exact temperature you want for optimal serving and even control your small wine cooler with two temperature zones. They are, for example, ideal for storing reds in the same unit alongside whites and rosés.

UV protection is another noteworthy feature, making them ideal for bright kitchens or outdoor installations. There are also humidity controls you can configure to ensure your wine is always kept in ideal conditions.

Choose the right small wine cooler for you

The twin temperature controls offered by some models may not be so important to you, especially if you only need to store champagne or sparkling wine alongside crisp whites. For corked bottles, as opposed to screw caps, or for storing wines with vintage labels, humidity controls can be beneficial.

Depending on the location of the wine cooler and how much sunlight it may be exposed to, UV protection may also come in useful. Other than that, confirm the bottle capacity to make sure the small wine fridge you have selected has enough room for the number of bottles you want to store.

Discover our small wine fridge range

At Wine Cooler Shop, you can explore each mini wine fridge model in great detail with ease. Alternatively, check out our large wine coolers or feel free to get in contact with us today, and we'll be happy to assist you in your selection of a suitable small wine cooler.