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What is thermoelectric cooling?

What is thermoelectric cooling

Thermoelectric cooling Those looking for a wine fridge will encounter two types of cooling, namely wine cabinets with compressor cooling and thermoelectric cooling. Most wine wine coolers in our range are equipped with a compressor cooling. In this article we describe the Peltier technology. The advantages and also the disadvantages of a thermoelectric cooling element. […]

Riesling Wine – Everything about the Riesling wine grapes

riesling wine grapes

Riesling is a white grape variety that is widely grown in French Alsace and large parts of Germany. Riesling is the most versatile grape variety we know. If properly cultivated and planted in the right soil, Riesling delivers the finest wines we can find on the planet. Riesling wine is known for its aromatic power, […]

Red wine sauce – Red wine sauce recipe for duck and steak

Red wine sauce

In the winter months it is wonderful to cook with Spanish red wine. The flavors and aromas of (red) wine give winter dishes an enormous boost. Curious how exactly you make red wine sauce? In this article we will teach you how to make three delicious varieties that will certainly impress your dining guests. Red […]

Spanish wine & Spanish wine regions | Ribera del Duero wine

Spanish wine

Spanish wine Spain is known for strong, wood-aged and vanilla scented red wines. It is also special that Spanish wine usually only comes onto the market when it is ready to drink. What is bought in the wine trade is therefore generally immediately drinkable and does not have to ripen for years. Most farmers do […]

How long does wine last? How do you store red wine?

how long does wine last

How long does wine last? In general, you can keep more expensive wines longer, but each wine is of course different: An opened wine bottle: 1-3 days. Unopened bottled wine: 0-100 years (we explain more below!) How long does wine last opened Wine naturally contains preservatives such as alcohol, acid and tannin. To ensure that […]

How Does a Wine Cooler Work?

How to install a wine fridge

All advice / tips and trends around the purchase of a wine fridge or wine cooler. Are you a great wine lover and do you want to buy a wine fridge? On this page you can read everything you need to know! On the basis of these tips and trends page, helps you choose […]