Wine glass storage and organization tips to follow

wine glass storage

Being an occasional wine enthusiast doesn’t require much effort. If you’re a wine lover with a wine collection and investing in a wine fridge and cellars, then steal some bartender’s ideas and add wine glass storage to your space.


If you’re looking for reliable and long-lasting wine fridges that require lower maintenance and don’t ask for the continuous temperature and humidity settings because of the environmental fluctuations, go for a Miele wine fridge.


If your wine bottle collection is increasing day by day and you’re also a wine glass collector, soon you’ll run out of space. You should have a small fully dedicated area for wine glasses. If you are short of ideas, don’t worry! In this tips and tricks guide, you’ll find different wine glass storage solutions that you can incorporate into your wine cabinet, wine cellar, or the space that you’ve chosen for storage for wine.


Underneath (or within) a cupboard, display wine glasses upturned

Is it a good idea to store your wine glasses facing down? In a crowded bar or restaurant, when waiters and bartenders require rapid access to clean glasses, this wine storage solution makes a lot of sense. Everything dries quickly with this idea and you can apply this in your house, especially if you have limited room. Moreover, this hanging tip will keep your wine glasses away from catching the dust.


Use a wine glass hanger that is installed on the wall

Looking for a more aesthetically attractive way to store your wine glasses? A  wall-mounted rack created exclusively for storing wine glasses is a secure method to showcase and preserve them. These racks are designed to retain glasses upside down to prevent dust accumulation.


Wine glasses that aren’t used frequently should be packed and stored

Are you still clinging to unused wine glasses? You may consider storing your drinking glasses in a cushioned box built expressly for wine glass storing if you only use them for holiday weekend meals. Don’t allow your wine glasses to wind up underneath a crate of books, no matter which direction you travel.


Additional tips for … in case scenarios!

Always thoroughly clean your drinking glasses before storing (and after!) to avoid mould growth, as well as to remove any debris (or bugs, yuck!) that may have settled in the wine glass during preservation. 


If you live in an earthquake-prone location or are particularly negligent, try using a shelf cushion on the wine storage cabinet where you keep your wine glasses or investing in a slide-out racking.


Ensure the long term wine glass

Wine glasses may be stored in a variety of ways, spanning from do-it-yourself choices to high-end bottle cupboards. Regardless of the choice you choose, putting out the initiative to correctly keep your drinking glasses will guarantee that you may use them for many years ahead.