Learn the basics of storing wine the right way

storing wine

Starting with something informative!


If you’re planning to order a new set of wines just because of bitter and bad taste, don’t forget to align with the below-mentioned three storage for wine conditions that are very necessary to consider.

  1. The temperature should be between 45℉ to 65℉ i.e. 7℃ to 18℃.
  2. The humidity level should be 50% to 70%.
  3. Keep your wine away from direct exposure to light.


Are you on a budget? … 

Must list down the cost-effective wine fridges. Cost of storing wine ranges from £500 to £2000. It depends upon your requirements under which range you fall.


Don’t worry! We have a few important ways to consider wine storage racks.


Right ways for storing wine

Try out these right ways to store your wine. These ways also apply to the racks for storing wine.


Pay attention to the type of bottle

When storing wine, the first and foremost thing to consider is what type of bottle you’re planning to store. Is it white or fine wine? Are you storing red wine? Is there any chance of buying and storing mulled wine? Are you planning to store it for the short term or the long term? Should it be stored at room temperature or in a wine cellar? All of these are the main concerns.


Store your wine in a dark place

For the perfect taste and wine consistency, keep your wine bottle away from the direct exposure to light and store it in a dark place. If you’re narrowing down your options for wine fridges UK, then look for a fridge with a high-protective door against UV lights. The black coloured doors are ideal for UV light protection and dark places.


Keep the temperature and humidity consistent

While it is vital to establish the optimal surrounding place conditions, it is also imperative to maintain the same level of air quality and fluctuations-free factors. Try to stay away from temperature swings caused by the climate or air conditioning units. Liebherr wine fridge offers the best temperature and humidity conditions without any fluctuation so that the wine lasts for longer. Its excellent security and reliable protection are worth noting down when making purchasing decisions. This is ideal for storing opened wine bottles or new wine bottles.


Upright placement of corked wine bottle is not good

While it may appear to be more efficient to arrange a few wines above your cabinet to space out room. It means if the wine is corked, it is necessary to store it horizontally. Upright storage might cause the cork to dry out, exposing the wine to oxygen and causing it to deteriorate. Maintain constant moisture in the cork.


Wine storage is very easy to maintain. There are a few important factors and things that must be taken into a serious note. I hope this guide is useful to you!