Space-saving wine storage racks styling ideas

wine storage racks

Whether your wine storage goals are short term or long term, there are much-needed factors to consider before moving towards the DIY storage for wine rack ideas. 


  • A temperature below 7℃ and above 18℃ can ruin your bottle by releasing bitter and musty tasted acids.
  • The humidity level below 50% can cause air to dry out the cork leading to the oxidation reaction of air with the wine. The humidity level above 70% can cause degradation of labels and bottles.
  • Light strike can trigger Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B5 to accelerate which can turn a wine bottle into nasty swill.


Without making sure the above-mentioned proper storage dynamics, don’t store your wine.


Space-friendly ideas for wine racks with storage

Wine racks hold a space-saving factor due to slightly stylish designs – even if you’re tight on budget and can’t afford wine fridges. They cover a small area with maximum wine storage by keeping them safe and making the space cool. Following are the ideas you can try out:


Wooden hexagon vases placed on each other

If you’re short on budget and space, buy the pieces that can be used in multiple ways. Wooden hexagon vases are completely customisable that can be placed according to the space available for storage. You can place them upright, horizontally, or stacked on top of each other. The quantity of these pieces depends upon your collection. In under stairs wine storage, you can place these pieces to make a good and attractive look of the space.


Wall-mounted fixer-upper bar style

Do you like the look of a fixer-upper? Get your hands on a wall-mounted fixer-upper bar-style wooden wine rack. If you enjoy entertaining but don’t have the money for a large centre cart, this layout is ideal. Just keep in mind that any upright wine preservation, no matter how charming, requires rotating the bottle regularly to maintain the cork moist. This guarantees a good seal.


Hanging bohemian textiles

The hanging bohemian textiles are all the trendy considerations in decorating the wine storage space. You can match its colour and style with your home decor and make it a statement style by adding some decorative stuff like flowers, butterflies, and stars. A single runner might be lovely in a little nook, but if you’re dreaming of an entire wall covered in wine panels, use your creativity.


Heirlooms with vintage and modern twist

If you have an old heirloom that you want to get rid of, don’t give it away. You don’t even have to keep the entire furniture at home. Updating antiques for contemporary use and converting them into wine storage racks and wooden pieces is a nice balance that preserves artefacts in use and the line. Make wine bottle cubbies out of the cupboards of a vintage cabinet and decorate them according to your preferences.

With storage limitations, consider buying a slim Siemens wine fridge that will give you good temperature and humidity controls that you can change according to your will and the required conditions.