An ultimate guide to proper storage for wine

storage for wine

This guide will tell you exactly what you need to buy. From inexpensive to expensive options, you can get your purpose-built space. First, you should know what are the main reasons that cause the wine to taste bad.


There are two main reasons your wine is tasting like musty cardboard or a wet dog.

  1. The wine bottle is not properly corked.
  2. The surrounding environmental conditions are not even close to ideal requirements i.e. 7℃ to 13℃ temperature, 70% to 80% humidity level, no direct exposure to UV light, cool dark place, and non-vibration surface.


That’s why … 

Proper wine storage is very important for all wine collectors. Proper storage temperature for wine helps wine age gracefully without any acid reactions that can ruin the taste of wine. Moreover, corking wine bottles effectively can also save your wine from ageing faster and keeps it away from oxidation reactions.


Wine storage options for you!

So you’ve ordered a bunch of wine bottles that you’re planning to store so that you can consume them even after a year? It is highly recommended to invest in professional and high-grade wine storage.


With high-grade and professional storage, I didn’t mean that you should spend thousands of dollars on it. In this guide, you’ll also find budget-friendly investments! So, let’s explore 🙂


Wine racks (Budget-friendly yet can be decorated)

There are many various kinds of open shelving available, as well as varied components and sizes. They’re great for preservation and exhibition, but they won’t keep your wine fresh since they don’t regulate temperature, humidity, or UV light. These conditions can cause the exquisite tastes of your wines to decompose, and they are difficult to regulate in your house. They are reasonably priced, may be compacted or wall-mounted to conserve space, and need little to no upkeep.


Wine carts (Budget-friendly and simple thin stylish option)

A wine cart is an attractive way to impress visitors while also storing wine. It may be placed anywhere in your kitchen. They’re usually small and demand little to no upkeep. This is a space-saving storage solution for people with a diverse handful and limited space. They are reasonably priced, lightweight, and can be moved about the house. This is the greatest alternative for a small and space-saving concept. It also does not need any servicing.


Wine fridges (Cheap to expensive options are available)

The wine fridge is our topmost priority for wine keeping and consumption. Wine coolers are meant to safeguard, preserve, and keep a specific degree for the storage of wine. Some of the companies’ models are reasonably priced, lightweight, smaller, and space-saving. They provide a temperature and humidity regulated environment, as well as defensive and filtered glass against the UV lights. Furthermore, if your collection includes a variety of wines, consider investing in a wine cooler with numerous zones.


Wine cellar (Requires a huge investment)

Many wine enthusiasts dream of having a wine cellar since they are extraordinarily costly, need a great deal of money and skills to preserve and take a long time to construct. Building a suitably temperature and humidity regulated setting that is optimal for keeping wine takes a lot of work and preparation. This pricey undertaking is difficult to complete on your own and will almost always necessitate the assistance of a design specialist or expert. You may personalise your wine cellar to your liking and keep a huge array. You may also exactly duplicate the optimal environment for wine preservation.


There’s another concept “wine cabinet” that you’ll get a clear picture of after reading the below important reading.


Important to note: Are the wine coolers and wine cabinets the same thing?

Wine cabinets and wine coolers are commonly confused, but to be clear, they are two different things. Wine coolers are typically smaller devices that are ideal for short-term wine preservation and can hold approximately 43 bottles. Wine cabinets are more complex units that are better suited to huge wine stockpiles and may be utilised for both short and lengthy periods. 


A Wine storage cabinet is popular because it may be used for both serving and long-term storage. Different temperature choices are available in certain wine coolers and wine cabinets. The ideal storage temperature for wine allows it to develop while remaining fresh.


Budget-friendly decoration ideas for wine rack and bar cart 

You can also match the wine fridges with home decor as there are many customization options available in the market. Read these wine storage ideas for small spaces and try them out!


This section is dedicated to those wine lovers who don’t want to invest in a large space for their wines.


DIY wooden wine rack with wine glass storage

You can customise a wooden wine rack with wine glass storage for 5 to 6 bottles in which you can place wine bottles in the upright position and wine glasses in the downward position. These types of wine storage racks are attractive to the visitors and good for the occasional drinker.


Stay updated occasionally with the bar cart

To enhance your bar cart, you don’t need to make any substantial modifications. Between holidays, events, and seasons, just switching out your drink glassware for alternatives in new colours and styles may give your bar cart a much-needed update.


Tips for storing wine correctly

Take care of these important points when storing your expensive wine collection.


Maintain consistent temperature and humidity level

If you don’t want to waste the taste of your wine, don’t store wines in a place where degrees and percentages of air composition constantly fluctuate. Take measurements and decide what temperature to set and whether to use a humidifier or dehumidifier.


Maintaining a constant temperature and humidity doesn’t confuse the particles of wine whether to accelerate or not!


Store your bottles horizontally

Prevent oxygen from entering the bottles by placing them horizontally. If you plan to buy wine storage racks and your collection is unlimited, consider buying space-efficient wine storage. The under stairs wine storage can be designed in a way that the bottles can be placed horizontally.


Vibrations should be avoided. 

Wine’s ageing process can be influenced by little motions and noises. This is why you should keep vibrations away from your wine collection. 


Why buy wine storage from a Wine cooler webshop?

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It is neither expensive nor inexpensive to create and build wine storage if you consider your requirements. You just have to read our guide and trust us for your significant wine collection. Without the proper storage conditions, you risk destroying the flavour and value of your wine, as well as your whole investment. So, don’t think and start working on your storage space.