Wall Mounted Wine Rack

A wall mounted wine rack is a wine rack that you attach to a wall using bolts while serving as a wine bottle storage solution and an art display piece. Furthermore, wall-mounted wine racks have a smaller capacity, similar to the wine coolers offered by the Wine Cooler Shop. Therefore, a wine rack can complement your wine cooler because you can hang it right above. In addition, you can create a recurring design with a wall-mounted wine rack and increase your capacity by mounting two of the same wine racks to your wall.

Types of Wall Mounted Wine Racks

There are surprisingly few variations of wall-mounted wine racks that cater to all budgets, home aesthetics, and size requirements. Below are some of the best options.

Wall Mounted Wine Rack Wooden

You may search for a wooden wine rack to compliment your home interior. You can find different wall-mounted wooden wine rack options that range from oak to mahogany. Of course, not all wooden wine racks will fit in every home design. However, some options have adjustable shelves and built-in lighting, making them a perfect way to show off your wine collection. 

Wall Mounted Wine Rack with Glass Rack

A wall mounted wine rack offers storage for wine glasses or other accessories. This kind of wine rack would be better suited to those homes with limited space as it provides a two-in-one function. Hereby, having a place to store your wine bottles and glasses in the same place.

Metal Wall Mounted Wine Rack

A metal wall mounted wine rack is one of the stronger options for storing your wine bottles on a wall because they are generally made of aluminium chrome, a material that can hold more weight than traditional wooden wall-mounted wine racks.

Black Wall Mounted Wine Rack

The black wall mounted wine rack is similar to a metal wall mounted wine rack, but the aluminium chrome is sprayed black to fit a more industrial and modern interior aesthetic. 

Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Rack

If you prefer a more vintage or industrial interior, consider a rustic wall-mounted wine rack because there are different traditional handcrafted designs mixing metal and hardwood materials that often provide multipurpose storage for wine accessories, including wine glasses and bottle openers.

Wine Rack Versus Wall Mounted Wine Rack

A wine rack and a wall mounted wine rack serve a similar purpose, but there are a few clear differences between them. A standard wine rack is a storage solution for a smaller wine collection that you can store on the floor against the wall.

On the other hand, a wall mounted wine rack stores wine bottles horizontally on the wall to allow the cork to remain moist. If you don’t have much floor space, then a wall mounted wine rack is a good alternative since it has a smaller bottle capacity. However, you may want a standard wine rack if you have a bigger wine collection. 

Top 3 Wall Mounted Wine Rack brands

Next Wall Mounted Wine Rack

The Next wall mounted wine rack range includes the Oliver Bonas Gold Hexagon Wine Wall Rack and the Garden Trading Black Hambledon Wooden Wine Rack, accommodating 12 bottles.

Amazon Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Amazon has a range of Amazon wall mounted wine rack options, including the Anna Stay Wine Rack Wall-mounted, the B4Life Wine Racks Wall Mounted with the capacity for six bottles, and the Rack Co. Wall Series – Center Frame Metal Wall Mount. 

Ikea Wall Mounted Wine Rack

The Ikea wall mounted wine rack selection includes a miniature side board with wine rack options such as Tornviken, Vadholma, and the Tornviken wine shelf; each has the capacity for 12 bottles and fits a style similar to a wine rack cabinet.

Best Wall Mounted Wine Rack

After comparing the features of these top 3 brands for wall-mounted wine rack brands, we recommend going for Amazon’s wall-mounted wine racks because they offer the most versatile options from third-party retailers, which can suit most people while considering storage conditions. 

Wine Rack vs Wine Rack Cabinet

Are you trying to decide between a wine rack and a wine rack cabinet? Well, the first step is to distinguish the difference between the two. The main difference between a wine rack and a wine rack cabinet is that a wine rack offers storage and an open display for your wine collection without considering storage conditions.

In contrast, a wine rack cabinet provides storage space that allows you to regulate your wine bottles’ temperature, humidity, vibrations, and UV protection. Therefore, consider a wine rack cabinet if you are pedantic about storing a bigger wine collection. However, a wine rack will be sufficient if you are just starting with your wine collection. On the other hand, wine racks are an excellent method to exhibit your wine collection. Furthermore, wine rack cabinets may use precious floor space, while wine racks may be wall-mounted, enabling you to maximise your wall space while also displaying your wines.

Complete your Wine Storage with a Wine Cooler or Wine Fridge

Now that you have gained insight into a wall-mounted wine rack, many benefits come with pairing a wine rack with a wine cooler or fridge to improve your storage solution. Most importantly, by having both a wine rack and a wine cooler, you can store your long-term wines on your wine rack while storing your ready-to-serve wines in your wine cooler or fridge because it can chill them to the perfect temperature. 

Wine Fridge vs Wine Cooler

What is the major difference between a wine fridge and a wine cooler? A wine fridge has a bigger capacity than a wine cooler. In addition, a wine cooler uses thermoelectric cooling, while a wine fridge depends on compression cooling.

Furthermore, a wine cooler doesn’t usually have a temperature set below 7.2°C. As opposed, a freestanding or built-in wine fridge can be set to much lower temperatures to accommodate red wine and white wine. Whether you are looking for a wine cooler or fridge, get a wine rack to go with it!

Built-in Wine Fridge

If you have a more confined space and still want to invest in a practical wine cooler, you should go for a small built in wine fridge that offers one temperature zone and holds up to 18 wine bottles, perfect for a luxurious kitchen design. 

Wine Cabinet

On the other hand, if you like a freestanding wine storage solution, you should opt for a wine cabinet that offers a stable storage environment for your wine bottles, allowing you to regulate the temperature, humidity, and exposure to vibration and ultraviolet (UV) light.