What is a Wine Rack?

If you enjoy wine, you know that storing it properly is crucial to maintaining its quality. That’s where a wine rack comes in. A wine rack provides wine storage while allowing you to show off your collection. In addition, a wine rack helps to keep wine bottles organised so that you can find the one you want without having to search through a pile of them in your wine cooler. With so many types of wine racks available on the market, you can find a classic design that complements your living space and decor. 

In this blog, you will discover everything you need to know about wine racks, from each variation to the specific features, and help you choose the right one for your wine collection.

Variations of Wine Racks

Wine racks come in variations pertaining to personal preference, materials, and usability,  making it easy to find one that fits your taste, wine collection, and budget. Below you will see the main variants of wine racks so you can determine which type suits your space more. 

Wall Mounted Wine Rack Features

As you may already know, wall mounted wine racks allow you to store your wine while showing off your collection. First, however, you should become more familiar with each wall mounted wine rack variant. For example, a freestanding wine rack allows you to extend your storage, whereas a wall-mounted wine rack is one that you can attach to the wall, allowing you to save on floor space. You can discover all the wall mounted wine rack variants before deciding which features you prefer below.

Wall Mounted Wooden Wine Rack

If you opt for a more traditional look in your home, you might like a wall mounted wooden wine rack because you can choose between types of wood, including oak, mahogany, or redwood, which also offer adjustable shelves. 

Wall Mounted Wine Rack with Glass Rack

The wall mounted wine rack with glass rack is a multi-purpose type that lets you hang your wine glasses with your wine bottles simultaneously, perfect for small spaces and allows you to enjoy a glass of wine easily. 

Metal Wall Mounted Wine Rack

A metal wall mounted wine rack is produced using aluminium chrome and can hold more weight than a wooden wine rack. 

Black Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Similar to the metal mounted wine rack, this type of wine rack is made of aluminium chrome and spray-painted black for a more industrial aesthetic. 

Rustic Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Rustic wall mounted wine racks are manufactured using mixed materials like wood and metal to achieve a traditional design while offering vintage touch to your interior decor and versatile storage solutions for your other wine accessories. 

Wooden Wine Rack Features

Wooden wine racks are a classic choice for storing and displaying wine collections. Made from sturdy wood, these racks can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. Depending on the size and style of the rack, they can hold anywhere from 6 to over 100 bottles. When choosing a wooden wine rack, it is important to consider the type of wood, the finish, and the overall design. Furthermore, every kind of wood has its unique grain pattern and colour, so it is important to choose one that will complement the rest of your décor. In terms of finish, you can either choose a natural finish or have the wood stained or painted to match your other furnishings. You will find a few quality candidates for your space below.

Oak Wine Rack

An oak wine rack can be designed to be freestanding, or wall mounted. This wooden wine rack is usually created using solid wood hand-crafted into unique designs. In addition, oak wine racks can suit a small collection or an entire cabinet filled with wine bottles. 

White Wooden Wine Rack

You can consider the white wooden wine rack quite similar to the oak wine rack except painted white or limewashed for a more natural and lighter wood tone. A white wooden wine rack will suit a modern interior with neutral tones.

Tall Wooden Wine Rack

A tall wooden wine rack typically reaches as high as your living room ceiling and compliments industrial interior space well. This type of wooden wine rack holds about 12 to about 48 bottles. In addition, the tall wooden wine rack can be freestanding or placed between cabinets. 

Free Standing Wooden Wine Rack

If you prefer a cabinet-like wine rack that stands on the floor, go with the free standing wooden wine rack because you can move it around anytime and easy to assemble without being confined to the customised space of your room. In addition, you can choose between stacking, floor, or tabletop free standing wooden wine racks.

Wine Rack Cabinet Features

A wine rack cabinet may be the perfect way to store your wine collection. In addition, wine cabinets can be freestanding or built-in and can be designed from multiple materials, including wood, metal, and glass. Furthermore, wine rack cabinets typically have several shelves for storing bottles, wine glasses, and other accessories. Some wine cabinets also have cooling systems to keep your wine at the perfect temperature. Whether a casual wine drinker or a serious collector, a wine rack cabinet is a great way to store and display your wine. You will find a fairly versatile range of wine rack cabinets if you keep reading below.

Drinks Cabinet with Wine Rack

A drinks cabinet with a wine rack is a type of wine rack that allows you to store your wine in the cabinet that regulates the storage temperature and humidity for your wine while also offering sufficient storage for extra wine bottles you want on hand, ready-to-serve.

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Rack Insert

In addition to a regular wine rack cabinet, you can insert a kitchen cabinet wine rack into the kitchen cabinets that will allow you to mix your everyday kitchenware with your wine. Hence, you conveniently have wine bottle storage in your kitchen. 

Display Cabinet with Wine Rack

A display cabinet with a wine rack offers you a prominent space to store your most prestigious wines and wine glasses with other decors in your home. In addition, this type of wine rack sometimes comes with a few drawers and cabinet doors, so you can put some of your other wine accessories away without crowding your place. 

Oak Wine Rack Cabinet

The oak wine rack cabinet also doubles to display your wine bottles with extra storage for other kitchenware, such as wine glasses or cheeseboards. This type of wine rack cabinet may be built-in or freestanding with a few glass or metal elements for its shelves. 

Tall Wine Rack Cabinet

If you have a bigger wine collection, consider a tall wine rack cabinet since some designs allow you to reach as high as your ceiling and be freestanding or built into your wall space. However, these wine rack cabinets tend to be quite heavy and carry over 100 bottles, so going for this option limits your ability to move the cabinet. Still, if you need a wine rack cabinet that will stay in one place for a while, then the tall wine rack cabinet is perfect. 

Under Cabinet Wine Rack

The under-cabinet wine rack is a hanging wine rack that you store under your kitchen cabinets. This type of wine rack is perfect for limited spaces and may sometimes double as wine glasses storage.

150mm Wine Rack

If you need a tall standalone or built-in wine rack that is stackable, the 150mm wine rack is the right choice for you. With the 150mm wine rack, you can store your wine bottles on top of each other and attach the side of this wine rack to another cabinet to add extra storage for your wines. 

Sideboard with Wine Rack Features

A side board with wine rack is a type of wine rack generally placed in the dining room and allows you to store dinnerware and serve dishes while keeping your wine bottles in the middle without overcrowding your living space. If you prefer standalone furniture in your home’s kitchen space, then you may want to read below to get insight on all features of side board wine racks. 

Kitchen Side Board with Wine Rack

The kitchen side board with a wine rack is a wine rack feature design that you can extend your kitchen storage to give a seamless look to your kitchen space, which you place against a wall to avoid obstructing your kitchen space.

Modern Sideboard with Wine Rack

If you have a more modern decor touch in your home, a modern sideboard with a wine rack would be a good match for your space because it offers a minimalistic look for your home and 

Wooden Side Board with Wine Rack

For the majority, the wooden side board with a wine rack would be a good option as opposed to a steel side board wine rack. This type of wine rack comes with many designs, from solid wooden sideboards using oak to those white wooden sideboards with glass doors to display your wine bottles or even steel-framed wooden doors.

Metal Side Board with Wine Rack

The metal side board with wine rack is typically manufactured using steel as a solid base. In addition, it mixes with hardwood materials, typically oak or mahogany, allowing you to accomplish an eclectic design. 

Side Board with Wine Rack Cabinet

Synonymous with each other, a sideboard with wine rack cabinet is a blend of a sideboard unit and wine rack cabinet that allows you to extend your storage from being stored in the cupboard to hanging on a wine rack. This side board wine rack may suit a contemporary or mid-century modern interior while allowing you to put some extra wine accessories out of sight. 

How to choose your Wine Rack

So you discovered all the types of wine rack variants and features, but you still need to figure out how to choose your wine rack. Some essential factors to consider when selecting wine racks may include size, capacity, design features, materials, cost, and a few extras in which your wine rack offers storage solutions and drawers for other wine accessories, similar to a wine fridge. If you want to discover more about aspects of wine racks, keep reading to learn more.

Wine Rack Living Space & Interior Aesthetics

Do you worry about decor and colour coordination in your home interior? Then your selection process should be a blend of functionality and aesthetics. You need find that balance of something that fits into your home design and serves the wine bottle storing purpose. It’s not that hard, given that there are many different options out there.  

Wine Racks versus Wine Cabinets

Do you want your wine on a display shelf or hidden away in a wine cabinet? Although a wine rack and a wine cabinet serve a similar storage solution, each has its differences. For example, a wine rack allows you to stack your wine bottles on a display rack. On the other hand, a wine cabinet provides a solution for storing your wine in the perfect environment that regulates temperature, humidity, vibration, and exposure to light.  

Is a Wine Rack all you need?

Now that you have some intel on wine rack variants, how will you preserve your wines efficiently? In addition to having a wine rack on hand, you should consider investing in a wine fridge or cooler to store your growing wine collection. Make sure you have a browse through some of our top choices below.

Wine Fridges and Wine Coolers

Small Wine Cooler

The best choice of a small wine cooler is the Bodega43-12C, with a 12-bottle capacity, wooden drawers, and blue LED lighting to offer a luxurious wine fridge feature. 

Built-in Wine Cooler

The Bodega43-40 is the best choice for a built-in wine cooler with a capacity for 40 bottles, developed for a designer kitchen with beech wood drawers and full-glass doors for UV resistance, as well as two temperature zones so you can store red and white wine simultaneously. 

Small Wine Fridge

Our top small built in wine fridge is the Bodega43-18C wine fridge which allows you to store 18 wine bottles and is specially designed to be integrated into kitchen cabinetry. In addition, you can keep your wine between 5 and 20°C with UV-resistant glass doors and lower energy consumption. What more could you need?

Wine Cabinet

The ultimate wine cabinet we recommended is the Bodega43-64 because it is equipped to hold 64 bottles with glass doors that offer enough insulation with a UV filter to block out any UV radiation. The Bodega43-64 also regulates humidity to maintain a 65% consistency.

Hopefully, we gave you the insight and suggestions you needed for choosing your wine rack. Please remember to write a customer review after using your new wine racks so that other wine fanatics can get insight into your experience with the products and ultimately make a knowledgeable purchasing decision while they are on the lookout.