Zalto operates in the glassware industry and is well known for producing high-quality and luxury glasses for wine enthusiasts and specialists alike. Moreover, Zalto has a wide selection of elegant wine glasses, champagne glasses, decanters, and more that invite customers into a world of luxury. Furthermore, the Zalto family business has been manufacturing mouth-blown and exceptional glassware for over six generations. The brand collaborated with Hans Denk from 2001 to 2004 to create a range of extraordinary glassware, now known as Denk’Art. 

About Zalto

The company’s founder, Zalto, is a renowned expert in the field of glassmaking, and his products are prized for their exquisite craftsmanship. Zalto’s mission is to create products that are not only beautiful but also durable and functional. The company’s glasses are designed to enhance the flavour and aroma of wine, and they are used by some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants. Zalto’s glasses are hand-blown from lead-free crystal; each is mouth-blown and hand-cut. The result is a product that is both beautiful and durable. Zalto’s commitment to quality has made it one of the most respected names in the glassware industry.

Products and Services of Zalto

Zalto produces a wide range of wine glasses series and carafes, each designed to enhance the flavour and aroma of specific types of wine. The company’s wine glass collection includes the Universal, the white wine, the red wine, the Champagne, and the Bordeaux wine glass. Each glass is made from lead-free crystal and is hand-blown to maintain its shape. The carafes are also made from lead-free crystal and are available in various sizes and shapes, which could be used as an alternative to wine cooler storage. In addition, Zalto’s products are dishwasher safe and have a lifetime warranty, with prices only ranging between £30 and £320.

Zalto Wine Glasses

At Zalto, they believe that only the best is good enough. So below are their classic wine glasses that some of the world’s leading wine specialists have rated as the greatest. 

Zalto White Wine Glasses

The standard of our glasses is held to no less than perfection. Moreover, Zalto offers a wide range of glassware, perfect for any enthusiast looking to add a set of fancy white wine glasses to their collection. Furthermore, our white wine glasses are expertly mouth-blown and handcrafted to ensure perfection for every user. The shape of these glasses has been intricately designed to enhance the delicate flavours and aromas of a classic white wine while having a sophisticated look which guarantees an exceptional experience. 

Zalto Red Wine Glasses

Luxury red wine glasses are Zalto’s speciality. These red wine glasses invite wine drinkers to a world of elegance and perfection. Furthermore, our red wine glasses are designed to enhance the rich flavours and aromas of quality red wine, ensuring the user can enjoy the depth and exceptional taste of the wine with every sip. In addition, the glasses are designed to be elegant and delicate to give the user a superior wine experience. 

Zalto Universal Wine Glass

Many wine enthusiasts enjoy a universal wine glass for their various wine preferences. Moreover, our universal wine glass ensures the user can enjoy any of their favourite wines with a single glass. Furthermore, the wine glass is designed and shaped to bring out the best qualities of the wine of your choice. 

Zalto Burgundy Glass

Our Burgundy glasses are our gift to wine enthusiasts who appreciate the more powerful and expressive wines. Moreover, the bowl of this glass is shaped to amplify the various components of expressive wines, including the vibrant flavour and rich aromas. 

Zalto Sweet Wine Glass

The Zalto sweet wine glasses are the epitome of elegance and perfection. Moreover, these wine glasses are ideal for classic dessert wines or other white wines. Furthermore, the glass is designed to balance yet enhance the power and sweetness of classic sweet white wines, ensuring a superior experience for every enthusiast. 

Other Wine Products of Zalto

Besides the exceptional glassware listed above, Zalto has other wine products that will ensure you receive a superior wine experience. Below are wine products that will improve your wine collection and journey. 

Zalto Champagne Glasses

Champagne glasses are designed to add a touch of elegance to an event or enthusiast’s glass collection. Below is our timeless champagne flute that guarantees a superior champagne-drinking experience. 

Zalto Champagne Flute

Many consider the Zalto champagne flute a work of art for its delicate and timeless design. Moreover, the champagne flute has a narrow bowl to maintain the carbonation in your favourite champagnes. At the same time, the tall and delicate stem adds a sophisticated touch to the glass while maintaining the champagne at its optimal serving temperature. 

Zalto Wine Glass Travel Case

The Zalto wine glass travel case is the best transportation solution for your quality glassware. Moreover, the elegant, scratch and shock-resistant travel case can carry up to 6 glasses. Furthermore, the case is made with leather, giving the product a sophisticated look. In addition, the case comes with a shoulder strap to allow the user to carry the case by their side effortlessly.  

Zalto Decanter

Zalto decanters are designed with as much precision and care as our extraordinary glassware because we know the importance of a quality decanter. Moreover, the decanter is designed to allow the wine to breathe, providing room for the exceptional flavours and aromas of the wine to develop. Zalto offers the Decanter Mystique, Decanter Axium, Carafe N0150, Carafe NO25, and the Leftover wine carafe in different shades.

Zalto Warranty, Shipping and Return Policies

Zalto has a 12-month warranty, where the supplier will exchange a faulty item within that time. Moreover, Zalto delivers orders to customers within 2-5 business days, with free shipping for orders over 125 euros. Furthermore, the brand allows customers to return, exchange and request a refund on items within 30 days of the purchase. Customers can obtain a refund or exchange through the company’s website, where a photo of the damaged items must be sent.  In addition, customers can receive further assistance from the company through the website, email or phone number. 

Contact Information for Zalto

Customers can gain further information on the company and products offered through Zalto’s official website, Moreover, customers can phone the company at +43 2852 20 8 20 or email [email protected] for further assistance or queries. Furthermore, the company’s physical location is Zweiländerstraße 8, 3950 Gmünd, Austria. In addition, Zalto has social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram, where customers can keep up to date with additional information and new products offered by the company. 

Zalto Customer Reviews

Zalto has an overall rating of 4,5/5 stars, and customers have given feedback on their experiences with the brand. Moreover, buyers can research the reviews on similar products supplied by Ikea and Amazon to gain further insight into the best company that will fit their needs. Furthermore, customers have given reviews on the efficient delivery times and high-quality glassware offered by Zalto. In addition, you can leave a review on the products received through the company’s website or email, which will only take a few minutes. 

Storing Your Wine Collection

An exceptional wine collection needs a quality storage solution. Moreover, you can use a wine rack or a wine fridge to maintain the quality of your favourite vintages. Below is the optimal storage solution used and appreciated by many enthusiasts and experts. 

Wine Rack

Wine racks are used to store and display wines in an organised and captivating manner. Moreover, a wine rack is specifically designed to maintain favourable storage conditions for wine, making it perfect for long-term storage of your quality vintages. Furthermore, wine racks protect the wine from temperature fluctuations, light damage and vibrations from surrounding activity, which can interfere with the wine’s ageing process. Overall, wine racks are the ideal solution to preserve the highest quality of your wine collection. 

Wine Fridge

If you have a big wine collection and use several wine glasses for each type of wine you drink, you may need a professional wine fridge capacity to fit your wine collection. First, consider a few wine coolers: the built-in wine cooler Bodega43-40, the freestanding Bodega43-64, or the Bodega43-180. Each wine fridge offers dual temperature zones and minimal vibrations on a compressor cooling system, all with fan cooling and a three-year warranty.